"Slim Jim" aka BHR Texas Royal Pete is a 6 year old foundation bred heel horse/ranch gelding started and built by my assistant trainer, Dominick. He's been used gathering, sorting and shipping calves in big country of Montana, as well as in the arena. He's a little bit of a sensitive guy, but he's kind and has a good mind. He's not over-reactive, spooky or broncy. Saddle him up and go do whatever job you need to do; if he's never done it before, he will sure try. For example, in the video it was the first time he had ever slid off his butt and we left it in because he jumped a little bit, but I wanted to show it because that's about the worst he does. Dom was who started him under saddle and has been riding him ever since and he's never bucked, reared or sold out with him. Slim Jim stands 14.3hh and weighs 1000lbs. Clean legs with no blemishes, but he does have an overbite.

He falls in the $ under $10,000 category. Text or call for price. 661-496-8729