SOLD! $$$ "Scarecrow" - 2009 AQHA finished head horse gelding

“Scarecrow” aka Bonitos Rocket is a 2009 head horse gelding. He is cowhorse bred on top and running blood on bottom: Bueno Chexinic and Dash For Cash. He stands a true 15.2hh; 1170lbs. Scarecrow is my go-to head horse right now; he has been hauled a lot and is a money earner in World Series and ACTRA ropings. Excellent score, breaks very flat, as fast as any horse I’ve ever ridden; exceptional move in the corner and faces very snappy. He is a sweet guy who doesn't have a mean bone in his body - absolutely no buck, rear, broncy BS, etc. but he is quick-footed and sensitive, a Ferrari best suited for a 5 and up roper. Great handle on him, stops, spins, etc. Although he doesn’t look the type he can actually stop very hard and he has been heeled and break-away’d on - pretty good at both. I think someone could also take him and make a big time barrel horse. He has nice, hard black feet and clean straight legs.



Posted by The Rope Horse Academy on Tuesday, March 5, 2019