Max is an 11 year old GENTLE sorrel gelding with some chrome. He is a solid trail, husband/wife/kid horse. This big gelding was ridden by a 6 year old boy before we purchased him who would run up, shimmy up his front leg like a gym rope to get his knee in the stirrup to claw his way up to the kids stirrups that hang over the horn. That little boy loped him off bare heeled, in the arena then took him out on the trail, down through the river with a big loud dune buggy following behind them. It was pretty impressive because often times the horses that are gentle enough to be a kid's horse won't break out of a walk. We have personally roped off this horse, taken him out on the trail alone and with others, separated him from the group, ridden down roads with farm equipment and semis, had dogs run up barking, ridden him English, jumped him, and given beginner lessons on him. Is he a fancy show horse? No, he isn't extremely "trained" as far as maneuvers and such but he is very broke; worth his weight in gold for packing novice and timid riders. We are starting to work on some refining, he has a soft face - is not rude in your hands, moves off leg, moves off leg, started some more advanced body control etc. Has long strides movement, comfortable country-covering lope that is pretty slow but he definitely has speed if asked. Max would be a great pleasure/trail/ranch horse suitable for a confident beginner on up, of any age or a fun all-around horse or gymkhana horse for a confident youth. I can't say that he wouldn't freshen up if you stuck him in a stall for 3 weeks with two buckets of sweet feed a day but he has had several days off in a row here, hop on with no warm up without an ounce of fresh behavior. Opens gates, crosses and carries tarps, went over the bridge that scares even broke horses like a pro the first time. We really like this big gentle boy. He stands 15.1hh with big strong good feet, ZERO buck, rear, run off, big spook or vices; sound and sane. We were told he came off a ranch in Utah that doesn't register their geldings, and is paint/QH bred, so he is grade but he was mouthed and his age is correct according to his teeth. Max is priced at $4500. Prices are always negotiable and delivery/shipping is available. Located near Bakersfield, CA.