Forrest aka Nolas Texas Starlight

Forrest is a 4 year old bay roan gelding by a son of Bays Starlight (by Grays Starlight) who was out of a daughter of Texas Kicker. He has been here nearly 120 days and is riding great. This little guy was pretty underfed and stunted when he arrived but with some riding to kick in his metabolism and lots of calories he's gained 100lbs and is looking a LOT better, plus he has GROWN! He is 2 inches taller in the withers and 4" taller in the hip than when he came so he's got some good growth left to come. His leg measurements say he should be about 14.2hh at maturity. In the round pen he really wants to use himself and stop hard so he should be a natural stopper as he progresses. He is VERY soft faced, flexes nice laterally and at the poll, walk, trot, lope, backs nice, counter-bends, moves off leg, opens gates, good around cattle, goes over the trail course, starting to turn around, started working the flag and is interested, started roping, very good on the trail and has been ridden away from home twice and did great. Has had a lot of experience put on him in a short time. He is still a bit of a baby mentally but has ZERO buck, rear, run off, big spook, etc. I don't warm him up in the round pen before I get on, has not gotten fresh acting even with a few days off. Not a dead head but very gentle. He is easy to get along with, happy guy. NICE little project horse, prospect for nearly any discipline. He is priced at $3200 OBO, Prices are always negotiable and shipping delivery available.