SOLD!$$$$ Donk - 2013 AQHA finished head horse/ranch horse

UPDATE: Donk had a full soundness exam and X-rays for the horse sale. He passed with flying colors! you will not see many performance horses who will vet this clean! A pre-purchse isn't required for the sale, but we thought it would make buyers feel more comfortable knowing this guy is 110% sound!

Donk aka Mister Nicker is a 7 year old finished head horse and ranch horse gelding. He is currently my personal horse and I am using him in the ACTRA and World Series Jackpots. Donk is a confirmed entry to The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, Arizona on March 6th.

Donk is a BIG, stout gelding who is gentle as a kitten; he will act lazy until it's time to head a steer or if you ask him for something, and when he's done he'll put his head right down and act lazy again. Don't let that fool you, this guy can RUN! He'll rate and handle a cow easily and has a snappy face. Despite his size and build he's actually really fun and easy to heel on as well, he finds his spot and gives you a shot. He has quite a bit of Cowhorse training and will stop, spin, work a cow, etc. Outside of the arena he knows what a day's work is. He's been ridden out, through the waves at the beach, and done all aspects of ranch work. Donk was started by renowned trainer Danny Fraser when Danny was 80 years old; he was born at Danny's ranch and he was the only one who had ever rode him until we bought him in 2018. I would put about anyone on him to ride - he's given some very beginner lessons at our place. To rope on he's suitable for a lower numbered person, but has the bells and whistles for someone a bit higher numbered too. This is a funny, personable, and kind-hearted gelding with no buck, rear, vices, etc. He's 100% sound with clean legs and big, hard feet. He stands 15.2hh and weighs 1350lbs. It's a little hard to believe he came from a money-earning cutting horse sire!


We are in Arizona all week showing and jack potting Donk prior to the sale on March 6th! Call/text Tommy if you're interested in checking him out! 661-496-8729



Day 1 went super well jack-potting on Donk in Wickenburg. Here’s all our runs...Come check him out before the sale!

“Donk” aka Mister Nicker is a big, beautiful and GENTLE finished head horse and ranch horse gelding, just 7 years old. Donk is #62 in The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, AZ on March 6th. Donk just had a full soundness exam and x-rays and passed with flying colors! This guy will fit all levels of riders and ropers. Come check him out before the sale - he’s in Wickenburg! They’re saving the best for last!


Day 2 of jackpotting on Donk went very well! We came back 3rd high call and ended up with a check for 5th out of over 150 entries in a jackpot at Rancho Rio that was only for sale horses in any of the local sales. We would have been second without the leg on our short round steer! Donk is functioning like a well-oiled machine and is the same every run.


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Megan branding on Donk. Donk is a do-it-all 7 year old finished head horse and ranch horse. He’s entered in The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, Arizona on March 6th.

Posted by Tommy Thompson Cow Horses on Wednesday, January 8, 2020