Dazzle aka Aprils Ancy Cat

Here's one that doesn't fit the mold for the type we normally sell but one that someone wanting a nice horse to have fun with, with a lower budget will love... Dazzle aka Aprils Ancy Cat is a 16 year old APHA mare with a big body, (around 15hh), cute face, clean straight legs, good feet (barefoot) and low miles due to being a broodmare most of her life after her previous owner quit riding. Don't let her age fool you. She has a lot of life and years left. She is not the ear-pinning, teeth-baring, stall-kicking, she-devil type of mare and she's not a spooky, bucky, reary, bolty type horse either. She is excellent on the trail; she's been ridden out alone and with other horses, is very good in large groups. Steps over things and crosses water. She has been ridden bareback in a halter (has a soft nose), had the hot heels roped on her (first time a rope was ever swung on her and she took it all in stride). She moves off leg, open/close gates, soft in the face, interested in working cattle, crosses the obstacle course like a pro, clips, bathes, ties, trailers, is an easy keeper and has no vices or lameness issues. As a broodmare she's easy to handle, breed, conceive, carry, foal and nurse; her babies have been very easy going, good minded and talented (one being "Pickle," Megan's go-to horse for 7 years). She is absolutely gentle to ride and on the ground. What I can say that may not work for beginner or timid riders is she is sensitive to cues so won't work for a scared rider burying their spurs in her sides and her gaits are faster than most want for a "pleasure horse" - this is just the way she's made, she doesn't run off or of control or lose her power steering or brakes; her legs just go a bit fast at the trot and lope... but if that doesn't bother you then you'll get along great with her - if you get tight and fight her about it she just gets worried that she's in trouble. She's an overachiever and very intelligent. She will cover some ground at a trot to go check the cows! This is the type of horse is perfect for a step up for a confident older kid who wants to go but isn't going to kill them. She has zero dangerous behavior about her. Dazzle would be excellent for someone who wanted a safe trail mount/ranch horse for any age rider or would be easy to get her to speed up for events like barrels, poles, goat tying, sorting etc for a confident older youth. She's located near bakersfield, CA priced at $3500 OBO. Shipping/delivery is available at buyers expense.