$ Ben - AQHA finished head horse gelding - $3000

Ben aka Crush Run is a AQHA finished head horse gelding. This gelding is one the easiest horses to win on I've ever roped on. He's super solid in the box, scores like a rock, leaves flat and will get you there quick. He's got a cool move and a snappy face too.  I've won several thousand dollars on him and we qualified to the World Series Finale together. He also helped me win a year end saddle. Ben is a badass, but he does have some quirks. He's best suited as a mid to high level competition or practice horse or for a low numbered roper who is a good horseman. Ben can be cinchy and cold-backed, but he's not counterfeit. He also has a soundness issue we can discuss if you're interested in him. You'll win more on him at the first World Series you use him in that you'll pay for him! Priced at $3000.