Ace aka Raven Reviews

Ace is an 8 year old seal brown, almost black gelding with old ranch bloodlines. He is an easy-going, happy guy who the more I ride the more he is telling me he wants to be the cowhorse type. He is fairly green as maneuvers but he wants to be good on a cow, soft faced, stop, change leads and turn around, moves off leg well, packs a bridle, quiet in the arena and on the trail. He has super smooth gaits and has no BS to him... zero buck, run off, rear etc. Since he has been here we have roped on him, worked cows (he is very cowy and has a naturally pretty way of getting across one), ridden him on the trail, crossed the bridge and tarps, etc. He takes to new things well and is not one that really freshens up after a few days off. I was very impressed with this guy when I first saw him - his previous owner just hoped up on him in the barn alley and off they went to the arena with no warm up in a new (and often scary) place with lots going on. He did great. Ace would be a good choice for a ranch, pleasure, trail, sorting/penning, gaming, versatility, or rope horse ...or will be built as a show horse if he stays here. He is suitable for an advanced beginner/intermediate rider on up, of nearly any age. He stands just under 15.1hh. This cool guy is priced at $7k. Prices are always negotiable and shipping/delivery is available.