Tommy Thompson Cowhorses offers an array of services to the public.

Please call/text, E-mail or message us on Facebook with any inquiries you may have!

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Services include:


Tommy started his career starting colts and training Reining Horses; he specializes in Colt Starting, Cowhorses, Cutters, and Rope Horses but accepts all ages, breeds and disciplines into his program. He has trained successful Barrel Horses, Ranch Versatility Horses, Jumpers, Dressage Horses, Eventing Horses, Pleasure Horses, Driving Horses, and Sorter/Penners, just to name a few. He is also excellent at reforming problem horses. 

Training includes riding by Tommy 5-6 days a week, feed and full board: covered outdoor pen or barn stall, daily stall cleaning, grooming, feeding any necessarily grain/special rations/supplements/medications, blanketing/fly sheet/fly mask (if required) and knowledgeable eyes looking at your horse night and day.


Tommy shows client horses in a variety of disciplines, most frequently in the Cowhorse and Reining but he has also shown horses in other events.


Whether you want to show Cowhorses, compete in any other disciplines - or you just want to be a better horseman - you are welcome to join us for a group or private lesson with Tommy. Private lessons are great but Tommy feels that having several people taking lessons at once generally faciliates a better learning environment for students because you have the opportunity to watch others who are at a similar level.


Tommy has given many successful clinics across the U.S. and is available at home or away. 


We always have horses available to purchase with a 7 day guarantee! From finished Cowhorses, Rope Horses, Ranch Versatility Horses, Sorters/Penners to prospects you can finish your way! Give me a call if you have something specific you are looking for. If  you buy a horse from TTCH, it doesn't benefit any of us if the horse doesn't fit your personality or needs. We take horses back for any reason for one week after purchase.*


TTCH offers assistance with selling your horse! This includes professional video, photos and marketing as well as all communication with potential buyers. Horses must fit a specific type that we are proud to have our name attached to and pass a series of tests before marketing. Contact us for more information regarding selling your horse!

Apprenticeship Program:

We offer our home and arena to up-and-coming horse enthusiasts from anywhere in the world. This is an unpaid position but includes room and board, all the knowledge you will allow yourself to absorb, as well as board for one horse while you're with us. We consider all applicants  and work with many college equine programs but it is is ideal for those wanting to become a professional horse trainer but know that you can't do it on your own. Minimum time required is 90 days but time flies when you are here and the longer you can stay the more you will get out of the experience. Some responsibilities of an apprentice - depending on level of experience - include feeding, stall cleaning, grooming, saddling, exercise riding, helping at horse shows, etc. Hard work is paid off and there will be many money-making and travel opportunities for qualified participants.